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Pantry Problem - or Problem Pantry

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I thought I would run a question by y'all and see if anybody can help me with my pantry.  I've hated this pantry since we moved into our home 6 years ago.  It's always been a problem and I just don't know what to do with it. If I had it my way, I'd tear the whole darn thing out and put in open shelving. But my husband is very much against that idea. Probably because he'd be doing most of the work. :P
The pantry is fairly deep and quite wide.  However, the door to the pantry is very narrow.  So about half of the pantry is pretty inaccessible and unusable.  To make matters worse, the part of the pantry that I can't get to easily, has an odd-angled wall, so the pantry isn't even rectangular, making it even MORE difficult to use!  AND there is a lot of wasted space above the top shelf - again, space I can't really get to.  The space is, of course, much taller than the door.  This is very hard to describe, so I'm going to attach a few pictures that hopefully will show it better.

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I would like to use containers to organize everything, because it helps keep things from falling all over the place. But I'm still looking at all that wasted space - space I desperately need! Can some of y'all give me some ideas on how to deal with this?  Thank you so much for any ideas you can give me!


At first glance I thought it was a coat closet! Mine is small too but not that narrow!! I actually have a second pantry. It was started last year. It is in the coat closet in the back. I just started storing things in the back and it was my spouse that wanted it more organized in the back and so a purchased of wood was made and shelves were built!  I just started small with some small plastic shelves that could be purchased at Target or else ware and I kept things there. That way my pantry was not cluttered and more organized. Why not ask your hubby if he would help you locate a second pantry to help you out to store extra items when not needed or need for later and not daily. I bet he would be glad to help you out. Ask his opinion to help you get organized once located. Even if you are against his first thought, act interested and excited. Be sure and thank him for his input and if you need to think on it tell him so sweetly that he has given you allot to think on.

Check out some diy ideas online and check out a few books at the local library. Maybe that might get you jump started on getting a better pantry.

Best health and blessings.



Thanks for your input and thoughts.  Sadly there are several other problems: There literally is no other place for food storage, my husband isn't very interested in this problem (I've asked - nicely- a dozen times!), and I've been on several sites looking, but haven't found any similar problems and though the ideas are awesome, I just can't figure out how to use that area that I so badly need! I've also asked several creative friends to come take a look and give me their ideas, but so far nobody has followed through. (I live in a somewhat inconvenient location so I can't blame them.)  I haven't been to the library yet, so I'll try that tomorrow.  I hope I don't sound too negative, but it's so frustrating and I'm starting to get discouraged!  Again, thanks for your ideas, and if you have any flashes of insight, please don't hesitate to share them again!!  :)
hiya, I have an odd shaped space or two in my pantry.. I solved some of it by buying those little plastic boxes with wheels on the bottom..that way i could tuck them under..or at the back ..and just wheel them forward, one has all those tiny baking bits and pieces, a large one has my flour in it.. I also got a ridiculous amount of tupperware cos it can be narrow and stack - but cheap gladware containers would also stack nicely just toss the whole packet in..Its good to have things in clear containers cos they make it immediately apparent whats in there..saves money on shopping days. will think about this some more..its sure a tricky spot - sympathy :) Making you a cup of tea and chewing it over a little:)..pinterest also has clever ideas that other people find too...
Hang a curtain or shower rod across the top area and hang bags of food like cereal, chips, etc. on hangers that have clips on them. Also, if there's any way to do so, cut that door opening bigger to access more of the closet. Taking snack cakes and things out of their boxes and putting them all in little stacking shelves or baskets also saves space. Keep a kitchen ladder/step ladder beside your pantry to easily access top shelves when needed.

I like the idea of making the door wider.  If that is too costly or you can't do that, taking the door off may be an option.  Something like this could work for you.    I was thinking of making one of those shelves in the link just to free up some space in my pantry to allow me to store those pesky kitchen appliances that I don't want out on the bench all the time.

Thanks so much for the great ideas.  I'll see what I can do with these!  I wish I could make the doorway wider, but there's only an inch or two on the left before the wall angles back. I didn't have a picture that shows that very well. And no real room on the right side of the door either.  :(  But now I have some thoughts to start with, so thanks!!  If y'all have any other ideas, please continue to post them!

I dont know if you still need help but just in case...

I know the container store (or a similar organize office supply store) has some nice solutions for shelving that might be useful for you. 

Try their site or their store.

Keep us posted & Good luck,

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Is any part of the pantry walls load-bearing? How about removing the door and knocking out the walls above the door and to the left? You'd end up with open shelves (you might need to keep a post or other reinforcement on the outer corner of the shelves). Try painting the shelves white and using pretty containers. If you don't like the look of open shelves, hang a floor-to-ceiling curtain on a curved track to cover the pantry. You could choose two narrow curtains that open from the middle instead of one unwieldy drape. It would look cute if you had a way of tying back the curtains when you are cooking or baking and needing to get into the pantry often.
Ask a Question Pantry Problem - or Problem Pantry