Ask a Question how to decorate my living room?

how to decorate my living room?

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I want to change and add colors to my living room. Using dark warm colors. help with ideas.

If you're just looking to add a little spice to your living room decor, creating a custom canvas print is on the cheap(ish!) side. I'm not sure if you're going to repaint your whole living room or just want to add some kind of flare or perspective to it, but you can turn virtually any photograph into a piece of art of almost any size to fit your space.

Hi chevygirlhd,

Color is a great idea for an living room update.

You can use for ideas.

Also, if you post a photo of your room we can be of better help.

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Tali Design

Hey chevy,

first off have you decided what type of theme you want to use to inspire? Dark warm colors kinda leaves one (guess this is me) in the dark so to speak. What moves you to want to redecorate your living room? Have you watching something on tv that gave you inspiration? A movie? Do you view certain cultures as an inspiration? Example: our daughter wanted her half bath to look special. I begin by asking her questions of what colors would she like to see. She like Mexico's inspiration of bright oranges and pinks. We painted the half bath a jewel color purple and placed an bright orange mat, pink hand towels and hung a large pink poster with a lovely Mexican lady dancing that her grandfather brought back from Spain many, many years ago with her name on it.

Look for pictures that have your theme's color palate on it.  Research colors and go to your favor paint store. Get lots of sample and research and research!!! Purchase book that inspire you as well. (ex. I purchased a French designer book just because I loved that pictures) ...I am going to do my laundry room in a french theme. Small steps and look for something that seems to speak to you. ( I have not painted yet but have already found a nice small chandelier to go into the laundry room.) My better half even encouraged me to splurge a bit more and gave me a budget and set me to look. I love a challenge!

Hope that helps! Best wishes on finding what you are looking for!!





  I agree with the other poster that was writing about the canvas to add a new look. I have done this in my living room along with adding throw carpets that I finish myself (much cheaper). Canvas is also a great non-expensive way to give a room a new look. 

Here are some great canvas ideas:

And here is where I get the products to finish the throw carpets I make:

Some persons have suggested you creating a custom canvas.  Their arguments was that it's cheaper to create your own canvas than by a ready made one.  Well that might have be true in the past, but not anymore.

There are sites such as French Kiss Art ( which now offers a great selection of nice and exclusive prints  at price which may suit all budgets. 

I personally thinks you might have better success decoration your living room with a ready made canvas than creating your own.  You don't have to take my words for it go see for yourself you might find something you like there.

Ask a Question how to decorate my living room?