Ask a Question Uses for an old mink coat?

Uses for an old mink coat?

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created at: 04/16/2011

Hello Curbly Members!

I have an old mink coat of my grandmothers that unfortunately despite years of life in a cedar chest and wrappings has been moth eaten in multiple places, the seams are disintegrating on the back collar and just generally smells musty.  Currently it's hanging in our three season porch airing out, but my husband thinks it should go to Goodwill...or (gasp!)the dump.

Normally, I give away the things we really just cannot use anymore and I don't think of myself as a hoarder, but I can't give my grandmothers coat away!  It is way too small for me (and, I'm not sure a fur coat is me anyway).  Anyone or anything interesting spring to mind for re-using such a piece in a cool, modern way?  I'm semi-crafty/ I'm up for all well as how to get rid of that musty smell (it's been three months in porch and it's no better than it was when I pulled it from the cedar chest).




First find a good cleaner that's knows how to clean Fur, A regular corner dry cleaner is not what your looking for. Second is the fur coming off...I mean find a spot or two and tug on the fur, if it comes out Grandma's Coat is beyond help. Now that it is cleaned and in decent shape I would recover a foot stool with the body and use the arms together to make a bolster. Then if any is left I would use it to cover a nice dinning style chair that I had painted something ... Interesting. You can use iron on seam tape to stabilise the seams, but you must be very careful to not over heat the areas or the fur will come off. Have fun and let us know what you do. EJ

You could maybe make it into a teddy bear or another stuffed animal. Mohair teddy bears go for hundreds of dollars.



Elsejane is right you probably shoud have professional look at it to assess it's condition. Wolverine Furs at is a great furrier that cleans, repairs and stores furs nationwide. They are able to take old furs in the condition that yours is and not only make them look new but also remove that musty smell. They can also determine if the pelts are in good enough condition to have it restyled or converted into other things like hats, earmuffs,or trim for cloth and leather coats.


oooo...fur collars for winter coats..fur cuffs...ear muffs...delicious cushion cover....I have seen fur attached like pom poms to the ends of scarves..:)

I too have a fur stole from my grandmother. When i was a starving student i would hide in my room to do my assignments with it wrapped around me..super warm..mmm must go get it..its very cold here today..

Why thank you all for your good advice and ideas.. and recommendations on the cleaning --the fur is not pulling out, and I will post how I repurpose it --- the thought of a lovely foot stool or fur cuffs...all so great! thank you!


I've recently been looking for accent pillows and have found that real fur accent pillows are very popular... alpaca pillows are going for over $500.00! I also watch a lot of the DIY shows and they often turn family heirlooms into pieces to keep... so... two ideas into one :).

Take your coat and put it in a bag with a pound of uncooked coffee grounds and leave it there for several days. Then take it out and hang it out in the air. If it still smells- its toast. It will always smell and from your description- the pelts may be too far gone to hold a needle and thread. If it doesn't smell- take it to a furrier for professional evaluation ( free) and professional cleaning ( reasonable). If it is in reasonable condition and will hold a needle they can make you a vest , pillow , collar, teddy bears or headband. Don't ttry to make any of these yourself given the age- you will be wasting your time. It takes a special sewing machine and skills - well worth it if your pelts are in good enough shape given the price of fur these days. I have been in the fur business for over 30 years and this is my best advice. I can't tell from this small photo what exactly the fur is- my best guess is mink or sable. The latter being very expensive and very fragile.

Ask a Question Uses for an old mink coat?