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The new Rust-Oleum counter kits

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OK so I watched the tutes on the new Rust-Oleum Counter top and cabinet finisher kits. Very interesting, looks easy, looks great when finished, Looks professional...Looks like it might be expensive, it is! I called around and finally located the kits, Home depot has the cabinet but not the counter, their price for the whole kit to do 50 sq, ft is under $80, not too bad if you can make the finish come out as nice as the people on the video did. On the other hand all the products or those just like them can probably be obtained for less than that individually. Now comes the counter tops...I thought this just might be what I'm looking for. It looks great, just like expensive Grannit or some of the solid surface stuff. Finnaly found a kit at the local Menards, Great! OOOH, not so great, just under $280. Pretty complected video, expensive, though, cheaper than new counter tops...HUM?

OK, here we go, anybody tried this stuff yet? Anybody have ideas for how to accomplish something similar that would be durable, easier and CHEEPER!?!Anyone..? Anyone at all..? Hello..? Anybody out there..?  EJ ;-)

I have refinished my countertops using just a counter top paint made by rust-oleum, then using bar top resin to seal it... I did approximately 25' of counter for under $35.  I chose the deepest gray (trying to get black but that color was not available at the time). I then bought some mica glitter (at the craft store for around $2).  I painted directly over the formica, and as the paint was wet pinched out the glitter and held it in the air and kind of sprinkled it over the counters - letting it fall naturally.  (Like fairy dust )  worked great. I knew I needed to seal it and wasn't experienced enough to use poly urethane so I chose the bar top resin. You mix it together (comes in two parts) and pour it on... the key is using enough and also if I had built some type of dam to catch the runoff that would have been smart (hindsight being what it is). However, I used a propane torch (portable little mini thing) to heat the bubbles in the surface and it worked great. I had a couple of low spots due to not calculating how much resin to use and my own inexperience, but they came out fantastic! I would do it again in a heartbeat. It isn't a fast process by any means, but looks fabulous.  Everyone that has seen it was amazed they were the same counters.  It makes a mess so my suggestion is to remove the counter tops and do this outside but in an area that debri and bugs can't settle on the resin as it cures... :) (I have little relics in mine - LOL) Good Luck!

Pictures?  ginny can you post some : ]

I have to find some... I just moved out two weekends ago but may have some on one of the pc's :)

disregard the meesly carrots - LOL! this is the only pic I can find at the moment...


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(Edit; I added the photo - Bruno)

where did you purchase the bar top resin?
hello.   I'm new to and I have a problem as well started ....   I can not post a picture.   As the images are uploaded to this forum .   Thank you.
Ask a Question The new Rust-Oleum counter kits