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Project Runway Season 5



If you haven't already heard, Project Runway Season 5 starts July 16th and has a new time slot. It'll be shown an hour earlier at 9/8c.

Just a reminder...PR starts in 2 days!!

Tonight! 8pm central! Bravo!

Umm... mass-murder-outfit was bad, but at least he stiched something. Trashbag lady literally just hung trashbags on her model. They made a mistake last night.

Yes...a mistake was made. They should have booted melanoma boy and his diaper. WTF was up with that? It will be interesting to see what his 'taste level' is. Loved the Solo Cup dress--which should have won, imo. The vacuum bag material was amazing, but it too was a 'material', which everybody was getting bashed for. I didn't care for the coffee filter pasties either!

Like Tim said, it's the most diverse group they have had , which should make things very interesting. All in all, I adored every minute of the show. Life is just a tiny bit better when PR is on. * sigh *

Agreed... great show. They've been able to keep it interesting by sticking to a simple formula and casting well. Ditto on the coffe filters, but that skirt was hot. The pattern was sooo cool.

My fav last night wasn't even in the top three. It was Terri's navy blue number. Second fav was Kenley's oh-so classy silk number. The winner---3rd Person Suede's patchwork thingy. Wesley and Leanne's equally frightening short + shiny + tight = cheap creations were justified at being on the bottom. It was great to see them work with 'green' materials.

Suede's stripes:


Wesley's mess:


General Chat Project Runway Season 5