50+ Frightful and Delightful DIY Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

by on Oct 5, 2022

DIY Halloween Decorations Mega Roundup
Source: Country Living

BOO! Did I scare you? If not, this might give you a fright: it’s almost October, which means it’s almost time for Halloween! Now that’s truly terrifying. Halloween is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for, and there are so many ways you can celebrate. Whether you prefer creepy crawlies, or more glitz and glam, there’s no end to the DIY Halloween decorations you can make to adorn you home – inside and out! Here are a few of our favorites. Prepare to be spooked!       


Embroidery hoop spider web
Source: The Things She Makes

1. Adorable? Or eerie? These spider webs are crafted from embroidery hoops. Find the tutorial here.

A black panel wall has a decorative picture frame with white flowers on it.
Source:  Curbly

2. An old IKEA picture frame gets frightful – find out how to make this classy “BOO” picture frame here.

Wood rounds with insect tranfers
Source: The House That Lars Built

3. These entomological wood rounds found over on The House That Lars Built are beautiful, but they kind of make my skin crawl.

Wall-mounted skeleton hands
Source: Ctrl + Curate

4. Lend us a hand, will ya? Display all kinds of decaying treasures in these wall-mounted skeleton mitts.

A plant and three picture frames lying on a shelf with BOO written on it.
Source:  Curbly

5. Cobwebs don’t have to be the only stringy things this holiday. Craft this clever “BOO” string art from this tutorial.

Framed lace doilies
Source: Country Living

6. Doilies framed in black are particularly somber, yet sophisticated. Perfect if you’re vying for some understated DIY Halloween decoration.

Painted portrait with eyes blacked out
Source: HGTV

7. All you need to create this unnerving look is a little bit of construction paper and some double-sided tape, and you can give your existing images a fresh, soul-less look.

Spider decals on plates
Source: Design Improvised

8. Arachnophobes beware! These spider plates make great wall art, but are likely to give you the heebie jeebies as well.

Skeletal sketches
Source: Say Yes

9. A few skeleton sketches can really tie a room together. Head over to Say Yes to learn how to create these minimal DIY Halloween decorations.

Skull stamp
Source: Ohoh Blog

10. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a stamp shaped like a skull – perfect for creating one-of-a-kind wall art.

Minimal monochromatic wall decor
Source: Damask Love

11. This modern wall decor from Damask Love is just the right amount of bare-bone, black, and bats.

Banners decorating a table for a celebration.
Source: Lovely Indeed

12. Use this tutorial to create your own ode to Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

Geometric spider web wall decor
Source: Martha Stewart

13. Modern wall art transforms into a geometric spider web, thanks to spray paint. Turns out you can create DIY Halloween decorations out of any old thing!


Skull planters
Source: DIY in PDX

14. If I made these skull planters, I’d want to keep them around all year long! Head over to DIY in PDX for the tutorial.

Mini painted pumpkin vases
Source: Curbly

15. How about some quick DIY Halloween decorations? Using spray paint, you can create mini pumpkin vases in minutes. 

Spooky terrarium
Source:  Curbly

16. Terrariums are usually reserved for reptiles, amphibians, or aquatic creatures. This one, however,  houses all things spooky.

Industrial candle holder
Source: Let’s Mingle

17. Using pipe fittings, this blogger created a spooky candelabra. It’s perfect for lighting up a dark tablescape or mantel.

Lace-covered candles
Source: Country Living

18. These seemingly lace-wrapped candles are safe for burning! Learn more about these elegant DIY Halloween decorations here.

Skeleton vase
Source: Honestly Yum

19. An empty dome makes an ideal flower holder for a Halloween centerpiece. But only in October. Otherwise your house guests might not come back.

Spooky crystal balls
Source: Flamingo Toes

20. These spoooooky crystal balls  are made with old light bulbs!

Dramatic skeleton on tabletop
Source: Julie Blanner

21. Decorate your table with a dramatic skeleton (I have to believe this one is a distant cousin of  Skellie).

Skulls in a vase
Source: DIY Projects

22. Make DIY Halloween decorations using things purchased at the Dollar Store, like this vase of skulls! There are lots of other affordable ideas on this page, too.

Halloween candles
Source: Melodrama

23. Halloween candles made easy, thanks to wax paper. 

Painted potion bottles
Source: HGTV

24. Here’s a clever DIY-dea…  paint old bottles in matte black, give them mysterious labels, and you’ve got yourself a stockpile of potion bottles.

String art on pumpkin
Source: Lovely Indeed

25. Sure, you could decorate your home for Halloween with carved pumpkins – but what if you turned your pumpkin into a work of string art instead?

Skull bookend
Source: Curbly

26. A pair of gold skull bookends can organize and haunt a shelf of books.

Creepy cornucopia
Source: The Homesteady

27. This gathering of gourds is sweet at a glance – until you get closer. Eek! Find out how to make a creepy cornucopia here.


Masked mini animals
Source: The Merrythought

28. Don’t want to go overboard, but still want some small DIY Halloween decorations? Take a look at these mini masked animals.

Bat mobile
Source: DIY in PDX

29. It’s a bat mobile! But it’s not the Bat Mobile… Create this fast craft over at DIY in PDX.


Glam-o-ween skull wreath
Source: Curbly

30. Halloween doesn’t mean all black and orange. If gold and glitz are more your style, check out this DIY glam-o-ween wreath made from gold skulls.

Raven wreath
Source:  Stamptramp

31. Whether you’re a fan of Hitchcock or Poe, this simple raven wreath is elegantly eerie.

Bat wreath
Source: Caitlin Cawley

32. A few bats on a simple wreath, and your front door will be trick-or-treater ready.

Rat wreath
Source: Dream a Little Bigger

33. Okay, this one honestly freaks me out. If you want to create your own disturbing rat’s nest wreath, check it out here

Eyeball wreath
Source: Tried & True

34. Hang this wreath on your front door to keep an eye on things.

Snake wreath
Source: Martha Stewart

35. Ssssspeaking of the creepsssss…. check out this all-black ssssssnake wreath!

Googly eye wreath
Source: Number 2 Pencil

36. At Halloween, you really can’t go wrong with just a million googly eyes.


Frilly Halloween wreath
Source: Mod Podge Rocks

37. This black and gold wreath is made using cupcake liners! How clever!

Skeleton hands wreath
Source: One Mile Home & Style

38. No bones about it, this skeleton hand wreath would make a great addition to your front door this All Hallow’s Eve.


Haunting window decor
Source: HGTV

39. A gathering of black shadows in the front windows can really pull a porch together. Learn how to make your own DIY vinyl decals here

Paper silhouettes in window
Source: Who Arted?

40. Or, opt for an inexpensive version using construction paper. It’s eerily affordable! Ooooooo!

Yarn spider web
Source: DIY + FYI

41. Using a little bit of yarn, this crafter created a realistic-looking spider web in her corner window. Gives me the shivers!

Faux bloody handprints
Source: Felt Magnet

42. Learn how to create gorey window clings using glue and fake blood with this tutorial.

Cheesecloth drapes
Source: HGTV

43. Cheesecloth sold by-the-yard at the fabric store is a great, low-budget method for creating ghostly draperies. Hang inside your windows, or from your stoop.


Black cat pumpkins
Source: Sunset Magazine

44. These black cat-o-lanterns are made from pumpkins painted glossy black. Is it bad luck to walk past them? 

A door matt shows the word BOO with the Os shaped like jack o lanterns.
Source: BHG

45. Give visitors to your home a happy fright with this easy-to-stencil “Boo!” doormat.

Spider web doormat
Source: Delia Creates

46. A black doormat is transformed into a spider web with a bit of paint and scissor work. Check out the tutorial here.

Witch hat luminaries
Source: Polka Dot Chair

47. We love easy DIY Halloween decorations, and these hanging witch hats fit the bill. When night falls, they light up thanks to LED light sticks hidden inside each hat.

Raven porch
Source: Create. Craft. Love.

48. Birds are beautiful by nature, but a bunch of them together is just creepy. This blogger gathered sticks from her yard, and paired with some faux birds, a tasteful raven-themed porch was born. 

Black flamingos
Source: Sugar & Cloth

49. With a little spray paint, you can turn any yard ornament into Halloween decor.

Flock of bats flying over front door
Source: Country Living

50. A flock of felt bats across your front door is a tasteful way to say Happy Halloween.

Jack-o-lantern door wrap
Source: BHG

51. Check out this tutorial for making a full Jack-o-latern-looking door cover.

Pumpkin-framed doorway
Source:  Pinterest

52. Here’s a cute Halloween idea if your front porch has an arch — a cluster of faux pumpkins can happily fill a doorway. Mount pumpkins to a PVC frame.

Witch's legs in bush
Source: Grillo Designs

53. We don’t know how this witch ended up in this bush. Did she have a broom accident? Was she drunk-flying?

Haunting wire man
Source: This Old House

54. A haunting man made from wire is an affordable way to scare the crap out of your neighbors.

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