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Amanda on Aug 08, 2017:

Hello, LOVE your home!! Is there any chance you can share whether you painted the ceiling in your master bedroom SW Crushed Ice as well, or is it Pure White like the trim, or something else? We are repainting our house and we, too, have a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom and are painting a light neutral color. I can't decide whether to do the ceiling Pure White (the color of our trim as well!) or the ceiling the same color as the walls. In some of your pictures, I think the ceiling is white, and in others I think it matches the walls. Whatever you guys did, it looks GREAT, and I would love to know! Thanks so much for opening your home to us. :)

faith-towers on Aug 08, 2017:

So exciting! I'm loving that you're sharing this whole process... it's been a dream of mine to do something similar, so it's fascinating to hear all the ins and outs!

bruno on Aug 05, 2017:

@cyndi thanks so much! It's nice to know you're following along!

Cyndi J on Aug 04, 2017:

I love posts like this so I look forward to following along. It's going to be spectacular when you all are finished--both the space planning and design.

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