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Izzy on Jul 12, 2018:

Do you happen to know what the light teal-ish color was before it was painted "Creamy?"

troutay on May 18, 2017:

Ahhh. I didn't notice the trim. that would blend with the white curtains then. Makes sense. I just didn't see that

alicia on May 18, 2017:

@troutay, That's a very interesting point. In person, I like the way the curtains work with the wall color and white trim (I think it reads a little differently in the photos). BUT, I think you are totally right on with the thought that a more matched curtain would look great. I think a flaxed off-whited with some texture would be amazing -- and now all I want to do is start looking for them! Thanks for your comment!

troutay on May 18, 2017:

Ok. I have been searching out living room curtains for months now. what made you decide to go with white? Even though my walls are a pale off white, I never thought to go with white curtains. It just seems to me not to blend very well. No negative towards your curtains, but wouldn't it have been better to get something in the same tint as the walls so they blend better?
The room looks amazing by the way.

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