Capturing Memories: Cork Memory Box Decor

Capturing Memories: Cork Memory Box Decor

Years ago, my boyfriend and I decided to begin collecting corks from special moments in our lives and writing short notes on them to remember the occasions. There came a point when we realized we had to actually DO something with all of the corks we were collecting, so I started moving them to a plain shadow box that has (until now) remained untouched. Finally, it was time to show off these memories we'd made! Our DIY cork memory box contains corks from big milestones, special occasions and holidays over the past few years and sits proudly on a bookshelf to remind us of the things we've celebrated together. Best of all, it's easy to make yourself! 


The key to making this cork keeping memory box is to purchase a frame with a sliding top that will allow you to easily toss new corks inside. Use vinyl to decorate the glass and create a solid color backing for the frame so that the corks will really stand out. In this case, I spray painted the frame a bright color and covered the back with black poster board to hide the unsightly brown original back. Then I added "cheers!" and a set of clinking glasses in white vinyl.


  • Top-loading shadowbox 
  • White vinyl
  • Clear transfer tape
  • Black poster board 
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Corks

Note, I used a cutting machine to create the designs. This is the easiest way, but you can also use a craft knife and a stencil to cut through the vinyl. 


Remove the backing from the shadow box. Place it on top of the poster board and cut to size. Then glue the poster board over the brown, unattractive side and secure it back in place. 


Prepare the cut vinyl and weed out the areas you do not want to transfer. Smooth the transfer tape on top; then peel back the transfer tape. This will allow you to transfer all of the vinyl pieces to the frame in one piece. 


Once you peel back the transfer tape with the vinyl attached, stick to the desired area of the frame. Smooth with something like a credit card and slowly peel away the transfer tape to reveal the final design. 


Then begin filling with corks covered with notes from big occasions in your life!

You'll be amazed how quickly the box begins to fill up, and you have a constant reminder of some of the best moments you've celebrated! 

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