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How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

By M.E. Gray

...r. Or from a dressing rack. If it's got a hook, you can hang it. Head over to our article on 16 mantel-free stocking ideas for inspiration! The magic of tape Source:  My Cosy Retreat Hey renters - if you haven't experimented with washi tape yet, you're missing out! The adhesive on this tape is so light that it pulls up easier than masking tape, and doesn't leave any residue behind.* Washi ta...

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Renter-Friendly DIY!: Make a Hanging Herb Garden

By Holly Wade

...hours of light per day.  Share this project on Pinterest! Keep an eye on your tension rod, but as long as your indoor herb garden planter is less than 10 pounds, it should hold up! Who says renters can't have nice things?! Want a primer on how to care for your indoor herb garden? Click here to read Herb Gardens 101!

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Renter-Friendly Backsplash Ideas that Look like a Million Bucks

By Marlene Sauer kitchen get any dreamier??   Peel-and-Stick Tile Sources: Look out: there are two types of products on the market both called "peel-and-stick tile." For the removable kind that's good for renters, you want 3D sheets that look like tiles; NOT individual tiles that require additional glue. Check out these links for some options!    White hex tile - Etsy Blue sea glass tile - Home De...

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Apartment Hunting Tips: How to Find a Rental You'll Actually Love

By M.E. Gray

Source If you're currently apartment hunting, you're not alone. Over 36% of Americans rent their homes, and in these summer months, that means a good portion of renters are closing out old leases and moving to new places. Whether you're a new renter, or you've signed a few leases in your day, the whole process of apartment hunting can be overwhelming. There are so m...

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