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10 Ways to Love Your Rental Bathroom

By M.E. Gray

...tub, I'd scrub and scrub with abrasive cleaners and cleaning pads, but the cleaning always went at a snails pace. A "magic eraser" is by far the easiest way to remove all the soap scum leftover from renters past. You'll thank me after you discover what color your tub actually is.  4. Become BFFs with peel n' sticks Source: eBay As a renter, contact paper is your friend everywhere in your ho...

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Tips For Landlords to Make A Rental Property Renter Friendly

By Jennifer Farley

...ings your rental has serious potential to be "renter friendly" for the longhaul.     1. Paint the entire house the same neutral color. People know rentals are not their property, but you will keep renters longer if they can make the rental look like their home. Neutral painted walls are like a blank canvas. In our rentals I always go inbetween and choose a light almost white grey paint. My go White...

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