Affordable Christmas Mantels: A Shopping Guide

Affordable Christmas Mantels at 3 Pricepoints

In our little corner of the world, winter is here and Christmas is coming. This morning there was a windchill of -1 (what!) and all I want to do is decorate my house for the holidays, eat soup, and listen to Bing Crosby.

To hold myself over, I'm planning our Christmas mantel (and some fictitious ones too) and turning them into shopping guides at three price points - $60, $100, and $200. Build a fire, have a look, and get your shop on!


$60 Holiday Mantel

How to Style a Christmas Mantel for $60

Photo: Tracey Ayton

My favorite thing about this mantel is the color palette. I love the peachy, blush-colored accents mixed with the traditional Christmas greens. The garland situation is level 10, and probably costs a whole lotta clams. But, the idea is totally replicatable (I just made that word up) for a fraction of the cost. 

Christmas Mantel for $60


$100 Holiday Mantel

How to Style a Scandinavian Christmas Mantel for $100

Photo: Martha Stewart

I was raised on straight-up Scandinavian Christmases.  Lefsa, lingonberries, and lutefisk. My mom still lovingly prepares the same Swedish Christmas Eve meal she's been cooking for the entire 38 years I've been alive. Therefore, when I see a well done Scandinavian Christmas mantel, I give it a little wink of approval. Straw sunbursts and snowflakes are not my favorite look, but IKEA's vast collection of paper stars are - and they're affordable.  

Scandinavian Christmas Mantel for $100


$200 Holiday Mantel

Christmas Mantel Styled for $200

Photo: Anthropologie


Sometimes the simple things are the best things. And sometimes they're the most expensive. The swaggy mantel garland in the above photo is abundant and from a Sherwood Forest-like dream. I love it so. And those brass candlesticks are probably two-hundred years old and straight outta Monticello. But, you can modernize the look a bit for just under $200. We own several sets of those glass taper holders from CB2 and they are glorious and whimsical. 

Christmas Mantel for $200


If you're feeling all the Christmas decoration feels, tell me about your plans to deck your halls in the comments below!

Holiday Mantel Shopping Guide: 3 Mantels at 3 Affordable Pricepoint



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