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A Small Hallway Gets a Minimal Makeover

by on Jun 20, 2018

Hallways can often be the spaces in the home that get overlooked and definitely taken for granted. They seem to just be a pointless area that allows transportation from one room to the next. And really, they deserve just as much attention to detail than any other space in the house. It might just be an area that feels aimless and wayward, but maybe it just needs a little love and attention. 

a stairwell with a brown banister and green walls

Three years ago when we first moved into our home, this space had mint green walls and the ever-so-common flush mount lighting. I wish we had taken a picture way back when, but it was just the hallway…so why would we do that. Well, believe me when I say it had the same vibe as much of the rooms in our home at the time. Take our entryway for example: exact color and style of lighting, so you can imagine it needed help! 

Two red rugs sitting on a floor in a hallway with white walls.

We quickly realized that this neglected space had a lot more potential, so we decided to revamp this space once and for all!  We focused on giving the hall a modern Scandinavian ambience much like the rest of the home. We started with a white base for the walls, minimalistic furniture (for practical use), updated the lighting and added soft runners with great pops of color. 

A white dresser has a vase of flowers with a picture above it.

Then we added complimentary design elements, art and a cute plant (of course) to give the space a bit more personality! The transformation might seem small, but to us it was pretty substantial! The hallway now serves more purpose and feels effective for the first time ever. 

An open top draw of a white dresser with blue towels in it and a gold chatchky on top.

The addition of the HEMNES shoe cabinet allows for extra storage which we use for our towels instead of shoes. Sometimes you just have to improvise! The dimensions of the cabinet fit the little space at the end of the hall perfectly and now allows for more space in our two small hall closets for other supplies. It’s also a lot prettier to look at, rather than a plain blank wall. 

A rug on the hallway with white walls.
On a white chest of drawers, there is a potted plant on the right and a painting of a person to the left, with another picture visible behind it

Our hallway is no longer a tunnel of doom, but rather a bright and cheerful walkway to greet us morning, noon and night! 

white wood storage cabinets with potted plant.
Personalized painting frame and potted plant on the white cabinet.

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