Magic Sofa/Bunk Beds

Magic Sofa/Bunk Beds

Check out the absolutely fabulous magic Doc sofa/bunk bed available through London's Bonbon. According to the retailer’s website, they ship directly from manufacturers to customers all over the world, which is good news for us not in the UK. Contact Bonbon for more information, including pricing.

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furfur on Feb 20, 2007:

This sofa bed is fanstatic! Looks comfy and space-saving, multipurpose also. But it's very hard to find a <a href="http://dealsdepot.com.au/a22/How-To-Find-Fantastic-Furniture/article_info.html>fanstastic</a>furniture that you really like.

sparkie on Feb 20, 2007:

Slick......I like versatile things.  Options are good.

binary_pattern on Feb 20, 2007:

see this page for other european-style fold-up beds from a company that is u.s.-based.  i'm really impressed with their variety.


for that matter, take advantage of some window-shopping i did on murphy beds without ever buying one. i collected all of the worthwhile specimens i could find here.


denisemichelle on Feb 19, 2007:

That is just amazing!!  I'm in love with this! 

Now if every dorm room could just be outfitted so, how happy would students be?

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