Roundup: Beautifully Unusual Hangers

Roundup: Beautifully Unusual Hangers

Hangers. Either we go for plastic, wood or--god forbid--wire. The material might be different, but their shapes are pretty much the same. Even for these hangers, some of which are individual works of art! The first one, and the most utilitarian, is called 'Hangar', a concept by Chetan Sorab.

These next ones are by Yeduo

Pole jumper:

Athletic Clothes Hangers 4


Athletic Clothes Hangers 2

Remember Christopher Jarratt's Cityscape coat hangers from a few years back? They were exhibited a the VITRA Design Museum last fall.

Paris Coat Hanger
London Coat Hanger

New York Coat Hanger

LilaFrance at Etsy makes personalized hangers for children. They vary in price from about 15 to 25 bucks. So sweet. 

The Original Eight Inch Personalized Wire Hanger for Infants or Decoration




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