Big, Bold, and Bright: A Kid's Bedroom With Flair

Big, Bold, and Bright: A Kid's Bedroom With Flair

I love this kid's room for a variety of reasons, the first being that it's well designed and appointed while still being playful and perfectly kid-like.  The second reason?  Well, I'm a complete sucker for bright colors and bold prints, so... SHOO-IN!  


created at: 02/22/2011

This bedroom belongs to "O", the four-year-old son of designer/artist Martha McQuade (check out her gorgeous collection of hand-dyed clothing and accessories: Uniform Natural).  I love the way it incorporates all of his likes: animals, guitars, art, and "decorating" (he even picked out the fabric for the curtains, which hide the closet area from view).

To see more images, check out the complete set on Flickr.

So, have you seen any other kids' rooms that manage to be modern, functional, and personal all at once?  Share links and thoughts in the comments!

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