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Accent walls are a great way to add color, depth and interest to a room without committing yourself 100% to a bold or bright color, since it is much easier to repaint one wall rather than four.  But instead of a red wall, which is so popular today, why not try wallpaper for your accent wall?

In previous years, great wallpaper patterns and colors seemed to be available largely only to trades people and designers and were really expensive.  But just today I was checking out American Blinds, Wallpaper & More (Decorate Today) and was pleasantly surprised by their selections.  Here are just a few that caught my eye (photos from decoratetoday):


I actually got pretty excited at the great designs and very reasonable prices.  At the higher end, Anthropologie is now carrying Orla Kiely's wallpapers (I initially fell in love with OK for her bags) and can barely resist her great patterns and colors (photos from orlakiely.com):


Sure a can of paint is your least expensive way to dramatically change a room.  But using wallpaper for one accent wall can be way more interesting and less $$$ and work than doing an entire room.  Both the DecorateToday and Orla Kiely wallpapers come pre-pasted.  The OK papers come on SureStrip which allows you to pull the wallpaper off in strips when you are ready for a change.  No stripper or tools required!  And hanging wallpaper is not very difficult if you follow some basic instructions.  This is definitely a DIY project!

Happy Wallpapering!

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TheWallPaperMaker on Aug 21, 2007:


Love it.. You bought my tagline...




Great minds think alike. 

TheWallPaperMaker on Aug 21, 2007:


Wallpaper is coming back in a big way.  We are working with stores including Juicy Couture and the W Hotel chain.  They love using wallpaper in their locations.




Sijbrich on Feb 19, 2007:

Ooo, I'm pleasantly surprised by those designs, too.  Thanks for sharing.  I would definitely consider wallpapering now.

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