Round Up: Spool Tables for Everyone!

Round Up: Spool Tables for Everyone!

Spool tables have been catching my eye lately. Because most are multi-functional--they can be used as stools too--they're great additions to smaller spaces. The first spool table I was introduced to was probably the same one you were: the Eames Walnut Stool by Herman Miller. The 13" round, 16" high beauty is a cool $829 bucks. Expensive, yes, but this one also functions as a work of art. (Available at Room & Board.)

From House Eclectic, this Eames wannabe is available in ten different colors and will set you back $305. It measures 15" h x 15" w x 18.5" h.

These options are a bit more minimal but just as spool-y. From Spencer Interiors, the 'H' stool in the foreground is on sale for $499, whereas ones in the background, will set you back $1,394...each. Ouch.

Eric Jourdan's Spool is an ample 25.5" high and 19.75" in diameter. No info on price, I'm afraid, but as they say, if you have to ask.....

Eric Jourdan Spool Table

From Amara, this Missoni Home spool table looks as if it's wound with cotton. Again, this one is costly at $1,200.


Missoni Home - Spool Table - T01 - 45x39

This offering from Ballard Designs might be a bit too literal, but at $199, it is pocket-book friendly. The top comes off, revealing storage inside, so perhaps it might not be stool-use friendly.

created at: 02/15/2011

And the most budget-friendly of all...a cardboard, DIY spool stool/table.


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DIY Maven on Feb 15, 2011:

Yeah, really!

Chris Gardner on Feb 15, 2011:

Makes you wanna buy a huge lathe and get turning, doesn't it?

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