Ask Curbly: Cardboard Hoarders, Beastly Tables, and Painted Hardwood

Ask Curbly: Cardboard Hoarders, Beastly Tables, and Painted Hardwood

As usual, there's a lot of great discussions going on in the Q&A section this month. Here's a quick roundup in case you haven't been paying attention:

How do I upcycle cardboard boxes to make something useful or beautiful?

Nidhi was wondering what to do with all the cardboard boxes she'd been hoarding. Her cry for help prompted some great responses, least of which was my suggestion:


Then Gilboonet chimed in with some professional carboard-furniture-making advice:


Ugly Table Needs Makeover ASAP

aaragon0902 picked up a free dining set, but needs help figuring out how to make it over. What do you think? Any suggestion for making this beast into a beauty?


Tips for Painting a wood floor

IPlayOutsideTheBox is looking for help painting wood flooring. I've painting a wood porch floor, and offered some tips; if anyone has painted indoor hardwoord floors, please help us out with some advice based on your experience!


Help Designing my Craft Studio?

Nancy has a new room in the house (her daughter vacated it) and she's looking for help turning it into a craft studio. She's a Christmas ornament designer, so there should be lots of good inspiration! Help her out with some suggestions!

Have a DIY, design or remodeling question of your own? Post it in the Q&A forum and get help from our amazing community of experts, amateurs and everything-in-between.

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