Studio Apartment Woes: Create a Bedroom Out of Thin Air!

Studio Apartment Woes: Create a Bedroom Out of Thin Air!

What's more shocking to me, other than the fact that this studio apartment was transformed into a one bedroom, is how much bigger it looks after!  It's magic, I tell you.  Magic (and lots of hard work).  

created at: 02/09/2011

The 22-year-old apartment dweller and first-time renovator couldn't imagine having his bed in the middle of his living room, so he set about finding an affordable solution.  Enter IKEA.  Using cupboard doors from the PAX collection, our DIYer created a bedroom out of thin air (and buckets of sweat).  The result, I think you'll agree, is pretty dang impressive.

created at: 02/09/2011

He left room for a small clothing space at one end and put the walls to good use above the bed: floating shelves hold books, art, and other objects.  My favorite detail, of course, is the giant Resevoir Dogs painting on the wall.  For more info on how he pulled this off, read his submission on IKEA Hackers.

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Sara Jo on May 22, 2013:

I really need help with my studio apartment. I hate having friends and family over and all they see is a bed in the corner of the room. I'm concerned that the space I have isn't big enough to block off a section for the bed though. Not sure what the square feet of the apartment is but if anyone is willing to help it would be much appreciated!! :)

Brenda77 on Feb 11, 2011:

All I can say is WOW, what a difference. And their a first-timer, amazing. Another good one is here http://www.aliceindesignland.com/blog/before-after-my-bedroom.html

DesigningMom on Feb 10, 2011:

I lived in a studio apartment before I got married. It had a closet with loads of storage above and beside the rods and a wonderful attic like space accessed behind and above the toilet. When my future hubby and his brother helped me move to where we were going to live in two days they were shocked at how much stuff I had. Even more shocked at home many boxes marked shoes. Not sure where one would put all my shoes in this apartment though.

CapreeK on Feb 10, 2011:

DM - I wonder the same thing.  I manage to keep the space I'm in now fairly clutter-free, but I have an attic and lots of closet space!  I can't imagine how I'd make it work in a small studio apartment.

DesigningMom on Feb 10, 2011:

As great as this space looks, and it does look great, I often wonder if I could live in something like it considering all the "stuff" I've collected over my lifetime. It's not going to happen though since hubby grew up in small homes with five kids and his parents so he's quite happy with our home. I know I asked him the other day after our oldest grandson asked why we had so many extra rooms. created at: 01/06/2011I wasn't sure what to say about that, so I just laughed and said we planned on Alex (his step Dad) and Katie living here longer, but the military had other ideas.

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