How To: Create a Clean, Functional Mudroom

How To: Create a Clean, Functional Mudroom

What was once an extravagance for newly built homes of the 1980s and 90s has now become essential to the way contemporary families live: the mud room. A place to keep coats, shoes, pet paraphernalia, backpacks, sort through junk mail, and perhaps even do laundry. A transitional room, a liminal space, if you will, to help translate your home to the rest of your life.

But the high traffic can create a bit of chaos, and the mud room can often become a "junk drawer" for your entire house, creating piles of items that don't have another place.   The Wall Street Journal recommends these tips:

  • Get hooked up for coats and hats
  • Corral your foot wearing and put shoes in bins
  • Take a seat on a bench or coffee table storage 
  • Buy a good doormat 

And DIYLife declares these elements mud room essentials:

  • Console table
  • Wall hooks
  • Mirror
  • Shelf with bins
  • Boot trays
  • Door mat
  • Umbrella stand

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