Seven Ways to Tell Your Home, "I Love You"

Seven Ways to Tell Your Home, "I Love You"

This time of year, our mind's are all aflutter with the questions that surround Valentine's Day: "Do my partner and I actually celebrate this one or not?" "Did I get enough cards for everyone in my kid's class?" "Was I sure to send my grandma a thank you note for that lace and bouquet-covered greeting card with the flowy type?"

But, this year, don't forget that special someone who cares for your everyday. The one that allows you to sleep, cook meals, deals with your messes, and does its best to look past your faults. 

Of course, we're talking about your home, and we think it deserves its own Valentine.   The very clever Abby Stone has rounded up seven ideas to make sure your house knows you care. They range from support to pampering, and I, for one, thinks your home deserves it.

Seven Ways to Show Your House Some Love

Top Image by Jessica Jones of How About Orange; see how to make your own mod orange V-Day garland here


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