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Make an Urban Outfitters Inspired Ruffled Pillow Sham (from Old T-Shirts)

by on Feb 4, 2011

Making something ruffled has been on my back burner for months. It’s not difficult, but takes a little time to calculate and stitch ruffles onto a base fabric. Over on Knock Off Decor, there’s an Urban Outfitters inspired ruffled pillow made out of an old t-shirt and a drop cloth. Oooooh, I love that creative reuse! Amy Jo from The Little Moments didn’t feel the need to pay a retail price when she has the skills and creative know how to do it herself. All you need is:

an old t-shirt




pillow form

base fabric like canvas, burlap or a drop cloth

sewing machine

Read how she ruffled it right here.

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