Considering: Sculptural Vases


Some vases just might be more beautiful without flowers in them. Here's a few examples. The Piso vase, pictured above, by Olav Slingerland when couple with 15 of its mates is extraordinary. At $109 a pop (that's $1,744 for all) I probably wouldn't want to risk mucking up the inside with stem swill anyway. 

Another entry--and the quintessential one at that--is the Eva Centerpiece, which is produced by Klein Reid and designed  by the 'grande dame of organic modernism', Eva Zeisel. Surprisingly,  at $900, it's a bit more affordable than the Pisa collection. (If you don't know who Eva Zeisel is, please visit her website. She is an inspiration.)

eva centerpiece

This collection of burnished stoneware pots from Tina Vlassopulos is swoon-worthy as well, and like the others, flowers need not apply.


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