Curbly Roundup: Seriously Awesome Valentine's Day Cards for Him

Curbly Roundup: Seriously Awesome Valentine's Day Cards for Him


With two weeks left before February 14th, we figured it was about time to find this year's most thoughtful and heartwarming greetings. But, in 2011, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the best way to say "I love you" at the card store at the mall, or worse, the aisle at the supermarket. Times have changed, and there's a whole world of stationary out there to help you share your warmest thoughts.

For help, we turned to our pal Carina Murray of Crow and Canary, an artisanal stationary firm based in Portland, Oregon. First up, we're excited to have Carina share her favorite V-day cards for guys...no fishing poles, footballs, or TVs to be found.

created at: 01/31/2011

Row 1: Able and Game, Blue Barnhouse, Cartoules Press, Cookie Bits

created at: 01/31/2011
Row 2: Dog & Pony ShowL2 Design CollectiveMr. Boddington's StudioNight Owl Paper Goods

created at: 01/31/2011

Row 3: Old Tom FooleryPaper PastriesSapling PressThe Great Lakes

Have you already picked your card or gift for this year? Please share with us in the comments below.



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Anonymous on Feb 14, 2012:

Great cards for him. This is a wonderful post.

Chris Gardner on Feb 07, 2011:


Link updated.

Thanks for the slack-picking, Capree!


CapreeK on Feb 07, 2011:

Alexis - here's the direct link to the Sapling Press Etsy Shop.  Enjoy!

Alexis on Feb 07, 2011:

I really love the card by Sapling Press, but the link doesn't work, and I didn't get much further by going to saplingpress.com... Any help?

CapreeK on Feb 02, 2011:

Ooo, great picks Carina!!  I love the Sapling Press and Mr. Boddington cards especially.  What a treasure trove of great stationery resources.  Bookmarked for sure.  :)

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