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My own glass planet.

by on Jan 28, 2011

Last week while perusing my local Pottery Barn, I spotted a reflective glass sphere in the holiday discount area. I picked it up and held it in my hands. The tag said it was mercury glass and there was a note inside that PB recommended inserting a strand of twinkle lights into the opening at the sphere’s bottom. As I was gazing at the ball, one of the sales associates walked by, saying, “Oh! You’re very lucky to have found that!” I nodded. Okay, sure, whatever.    

When I took my purchases to the register–the mercury ball included–the woman who rang me up handed me my receipt and said, “I just want to take this opportunity to tell you how lucky you are to buy that,” indicating the globe. “We couldn’t keep those things in stock! It must have been a return.” I nodded, thinking WHAT is WITH this thing??? It’s pretty and all, but did it really warrant such effusiveness??

When I arrived back at home, I searched for a strand of twinkle lights and inserted them into the sphere. I gasped. Dang! The PB peeps were right! This thing is gorgeous!! (And the picture really doesn’t do it justice either.)

created at: 01/28/2011

I sent a picture of it to my sister in NY. I called it a crystal ball; she called it a planet. I like her assessment better. My own planet. If you want one, good luck finding it. And if you DO find one, nab it fast!!