The Most Awesome Home Theater in the World?

The Most Awesome Home Theater in the World?

When Steve Jenkins was in the market for a new house, he paid special attention to finding a domicile that would have space for a home theater. And not just any home theater. He wanted something over the top with a capital OTT. He wanted "Las Vegas meets old-style movie palace", and after 18 months that’s exactly what he’s got.

Visit Steve’s site to view a pictorial diary of the project. His FAQ’s should dispel any questions of his sanity, and after you peruse his list of reasons why he no longer goes to public theaters (besides having a kick-ass home theater in his basement) you just might empathize with this madman and maybe even envy him.

And the answer to your question is "no", he does not say how much the theater cost to construct. Let's just say "a lot."

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xiaan on Feb 26, 2007:

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balubalu on Feb 25, 2007:

Another awesome home theater I just posted :-)

Keter on Feb 17, 2007:

O. M. G.

Budget does not taste make.  ;o)

roadvermin on Feb 16, 2007:

Wow! That's insane and very geeky, I like it (though I can't imagine having it).

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