Homemade PB Inspired Exeter Jar Chandelier

Homemade PB Inspired Exeter Jar Chandelier

Lauren and her electrician husband determined to make a jar pendant chandelier modeled after Pottery Barn's Exeter light fixture (pictured below), which retails for $399. Lauren & Co. pulled their homemade version together for less than a hundred bucks. Not exactly a how-to, per se, but Lauren does cover some of the details explaining the process at Our Hiding Place.

So how did Lauren and her boo do???


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Mara on Dec 05, 2011:

i love this!  does anyone have step by step directions they could pass along?



elseajane on Jan 26, 2011:

Again with the ideas, I've changed my mind about 100times on the perfect kitchen lights, now make it 101.

stan on Jan 26, 2011:

Careful, http://karapaslaydesigns.blogspot.com will say you stole this idea from her.

DesigningMom on Jan 26, 2011:

Wellz that's pretty darn neat Maven! I'd like a couple smaller versions of this in our pantry, but right now there's just too many things on our list. big time crying

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