8 Flea Market Chair Makeovers

8 Flea Market Chair Makeovers

Makeovers. Even if the end result doesn't appeal to my tastes, I still adore ogling them. Case in point, here are a plethora of flea market chairs that got the makeover once over, not all of which would suit my decor but each and every one are inspiring. Plus, they make be want to head out to my local flea markets REAL BAD.   

(Read more about this one here.)

created at: 01/24/2011

From My Home Ideas:

pea-green chenille chair


A shabby chic alternative from Shabby Cottage Studio:

From Design*Sponge:



From BHG:

From Eddie Ross:



From Easy Living:

And, finally, from Shabby Whites:


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DesigningMom on Jan 25, 2011:

Oh these all make me want to get busy redoing the piles, yes piles, of chairs I have waiting to be prettied up. Thanks for the inspiration Maven!

elseajane on Jan 25, 2011:

I can't decide what chair I like best they all have charm. The little bistro chairs are darling and would be too sweet as a vanity chair. The rocker on a front porch (with some comfy pillows) summerdays!  I love the miss matched dinning chairs, and the old office chairs, (though I don't care for the fabric) what a way to brighten them up. In all great designs, Thanks, Mave

elseajane on Jan 25, 2011:

I'm just glad I wasn't seeing things or if they had done that big a change I wanted to now how? This one makes more sense. Thanks for the fix and the inspiration. EJ

DIY Maven on Jan 25, 2011:


(The right before is even goofier than the wrong before.)

DIY Maven on Jan 25, 2011:

EJ--DOH!! I grabbed the wrong pic!!! I will rectify. THANK YOU for your sharp eye. ;)

elseajane on Jan 24, 2011:

OK...Is it me or are the second set of chairs not the same chair? Not only is the wood trim different but the leg are different

Otherwise I really have hope for my projects that are languishing. Flea Market here I come!

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