Psychological Tips for Choosing The Right Paint Color

Psychological Tips for Choosing The Right Paint Color

Winter weekends are the perfect time to transform a room with paint. It's cheap, easy and it makes a huge impact. Choosing a color, on the other hand, can put you to hives. Besides the technical aspects of getting the job done right, you need to dig deeper to understand the psychological ramifications of the colors you choose.

Did you know that the color orange is thought to be good for asthmatics or any other lung disorders? Brown can be depressing for some people? Red is bad for people with high blood pressure? This decision to paint a room just got a lot more complicated, right?      You may need therapy before you even choose a new color. 

Yellow: optimism

Pink: tranquility and meditation (opposing locker rooms are often painted pink to encourage lethargy in the other team)

Green: Good for a home office, thought to help concentration

Your Personal Good Color: Use this in your bathroom for obvious reasons

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