Getting Organized: Home Office Inspiration & How-Tos

Getting Organized: Home Office Inspiration & How-Tos

When I accepted this roundup assignment of creative & cool filing and organization systems for the home office, I decided to concentrate on DIYable projects only, because, after all, we are DIYers. So I scoured the internets looking for clever, attractive and do-able ideas & how-tos that will not only add a bit of style to our home offices but will get them organized too. So, let's start, shall we?    

You might have seen something like this  in your grandpa's garage holding nuts and bolts, but applying it to a home office would be a perfect way to store paper clips, rubber bands and such. Here's a quick how-to using baby food jars.

created at: 01/19/2011

An old frame got the gilt treatment and was fitted with peg board. The outcome is an organizing station holding all those oft-used items. Go to Brooklyn Limestone to read more about it and its surroundings.


The shoe-hanger option is an old idea but worthy of repeating, and in this case, they're used as CURTAINS. For more pictures of the room, head on over to Budgetwise Home.

We've all seen French memo boards here and there, but have you ever seen an entire WALL done up as one? I hadn't!  You can find it and other office storage solutions at Remodeling Center.

wall bulletin board

Here's another one you might have seen before, but it's still a cool reuse for an old shutter.

And speaking of reuse, check out these tin cans. Painted and glued together, I'm guessing, they make for sweet little 'cubbies'. As for removing the tops, I'd use one of those safety lid lifters.

Here's a few more uncommon uses courtesy of BHG. The first is a three-tiered basket, now used for ribbon storage...

fruit basket to desk organizer

and this one is a shower caddy. (I have JUST the place in my craft room to hang one of these. I could use the bottom hooks for ribbon storage.)

Shower Caddy

I like this magnetic knife holder re-use idea from Real Simple too.

hanging keys

Although this DIY acrylic drawer organizer was made for a kitchen, it would be perfect in a desk drawer as well, as it's totally customizable to your needs.

And finally, here's a fun and practical new used for a $2 lunch tray: desk drawer organizer. 

Our Favorite Office Objects: Kitchen Goods as Office Storage







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Charli Robinson on Jun 22, 2013:

Lizzy ... could you screw each can through the bottom onto a board then hang the board to the wall. Also ... a can opener that removes the lids and doesn't leave sharp edges on either the can orthe lid.

Lizze on Apr 06, 2013:

I've been saving tin can to make funky shelves for about a year. I've seen some really cute ideas out there. What I can't seem to find? Suggestion on how to bind the cans togethers for strength. Any suggestions?

Jayne on Jan 27, 2011:

Great blog, love the tips!

DesigningMom on Jan 19, 2011:

Wowza Maven, you found some awesome ideas! Thanks.

I have to add that I must be old because it wasn't my grampa, but my Daddy that used the jar lid screwed under the shelf idea to store nuts and bolts in jars. It's a great one though.

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