Make a Stylish X-Base Office Desk

Make a Stylish X-Base Office Desk

Created to use as a dining table, wouldn't this make quite the design statement as your home office desk? Up until now, the DIY ones I've seen aren't quite up to snuff. Knock Off Decor just featured this one yesterday with a link to the tutorial. Jaymie from Pickled Images shared the process of converting felled trees from her property into a chunky, high style X-Base Dining Table. This table was the inspiration for her own table, available for a mere $2400 from Toronto's Style Garage.

Admittedly, not many of us have the capability to mill our own trees, but finding a suitable tabletop is fairly easy.  As you can see, Jaymie's husband and kids did a fine job of gluing the milled planks together. (Howsabout that shop?)

OK, here's the sad part, we don't get to see photos of her husband making the X-base. However, we do know he used 3"x3"x3" square metal tubing. As a hobby welder, he handily created the base in few hours. So, you either need to find yourself a welder friend or just make the X-Base out of wood. Think of the color options!


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