Five Funky Sofa's

Five Funky Sofa's

Twists and turns seem to be all the rage in the surrealist furniture trend. Lila Jang’s Wall-Climbing Sofa is perfect for that odd corner of the house where no other furniture fits!

The Flying Carpet Sofa

Tonio de Roover's “East meets West” sofa looks like a flying carpet!


nina saunders never sofa

This sofa by Nina Saunder's looks like it cracked and spilled all over the floor. Quite a creative mess.

If you cast a quick glance upon it, you get the impression of a giant scrubbing brush with thick bristles which is turned upside down.

 British designer Lisa Whatmough adapted the patchwork technique as upholstery material for her fun and funky bespoke furniture line. Just one of her chic furniture pieces will brighten up any dark corner. These are extraordinarily vivid focal pieces indeed.

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