Trapped Doors and Secret Indoor Slides

Trapped Doors and Secret Indoor Slides

When I was really little, I was intrigued with the laundry chute that was on the floor outside my bedroom. It ended in my favorite little hideout-the room under the basement stairs. I always wondered what it would be like to squeeze down through it. Lately, I've seen some homes where a fun loving parent actually installs a life sized slide into a home remodel or  original design. The best is when it winds through the inside walls of the house. Cool and scary!

Indonesian In Home Slide from OhDeeDoh.

And this will just make you want to put in a slide no matter if kids live in your house or not.



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Sara on Oct 23, 2012:

Se Atik sa a gwo konpare ak lòt moun yo mwen te li!

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