Desk-A-Day: Brooke's Under $100 Office Makeover

Desk-A-Day: Brooke's Under $100 Office Makeover
Brooke and her husband Jacob found themselves in an interesting situation. They'd just paid for their own wedding, Jacob had just earned his degree, and they were doing their best to pay off student loans. When they moved into Jacob's grandmother's house, they knew it needed an update, and completed a total facelift for under $5000.

One of Brooke's favorite projects was her own office space, where they created custom built in furniture for under $100 USD. 

created at: 01/10/2011

She works from home as a graphic designer, doing websites, wedding invitations, etc

created at: 01/10/2011


She says, "It's nice to be able to carve out your own private space, even if all you have to work with is a spare closet. I adore my little desk space, and get excited to wake up in the morning and throw on some sweatpants for my commute to the room next door. Now my next challenge is to give this multi-purpose craft/office/guest room space a FOURTH purpose of nursery!"

created at: 01/10/2011


  • Hand-built desk from Ana White's Parson's Towers Desk Plan - $30
  • Hand-built gallery shelves from Ana White's $10 Ledges Plan - $30
  • Fabric for the top is Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley scraps from my bed's duvet I sewed, glass desktop was cut down from the desktop on the original built in
  • Mason Jar pendant was made from the IKEA plug-in pendant and a mason jar leftover from our wedding - $7


Thanks for sharing your awesome makeover, Brooke

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Tiffany on Jan 17, 2011:

It looks fantastic. Love the wall color. And I can hardly believe that it's in a closet! Wonderful use of space.

ThreeBirdsJewelry on Jan 17, 2011:

The fabric under the glass is a great touch, kudos!

DesigningMom on Jan 11, 2011:

Wow what a happy space to work. Many blessings to you and your baby. I hope we get to see more of your renovations.

elseajane on Jan 10, 2011:

Congrats Brooke & Hubby on both the beautiful work space and on the upcoming nursery addition. Very thrifty and very sweet.

Erin on Jan 10, 2011:

That is sooo cute- looks like a mini version of Carrie's updated apartment on Sex in The City!! Love it Brooke! No wonder your boss can't let you go!

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