Before and After: Kate's Home Office

Before and After: Kate's Home Office

Tired of always closing the doors to her home office when guests came over, Kate decided to give her home office a complete chic makeover. Kate was initially inspired to do the office overhaul after purchasing the two bookcases that now flank her desk. And while the project took five months to complete, she was able to do it right under $1000!   

And here's the after!

home office after final


Cost breakdown:  Cabinets $80 dollars; writer’s desk (table) $40;  glass top $80; thrift store sofa $150; rug $60; chandelier $140; refinished side chair $25; refinished thrift store chair $20; recovered ottoman $20; grasscloth wallpaper $240; curtains $75; paint and supplies $65.

Total, not including accessories:  $995

And don't forget to check out Kate's detailed post on Centstional Girl where she goes over her complete project step by step!

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