Decorating Challenge: Small Budget, Big Personality

Decorating Challenge: Small Budget, Big Personality

Decorating with a student budget didn't stop Chicagoans Meg and Brad from transforming their 900 square foot apartment into a space full of style and personality.  These "colorful collectors" were able to create a completely unique and inspiring space - and stay in budget - with a little DIY ingenuity and a knack for finding hidden Craigslist gems.  But, their growing art collection is what really makes this space come alive.  

created at: 12/29/2010

Meg says it best when she explains: "Since we're both students, we are able to swap prints with fellow classmates and do a lot of printmaking on our own time. We always vow to never buy a piece of furniture for over $200 and it's worked for us so far (with an exception of one of our sofas). Having a student budget is bittersweet, but most of all it's just a really great design challenge!"

Taking such a positive approach to what others might consider "limitations" really shines through in this home.  Every element just screams optimism and creativity, which is why Meg and Brad's apartment is an absolute breath of fresh air!  Be sure to check out the rest of their home tour over on Apartment Therapy - you won't regret it.

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