Last Second Sidewalk Luminaries

Last Second Sidewalk Luminaries

In case you forgot the appropriately themed luminaries to line your cold, dark sidewalk, all you need are paper bags, scissors, a hole punch or Phillips head screwdriver, a pencil and a battery operated votive candle.

1. Cut down the top of the paper bag with a wavy line

2. Dot a Christmas tree on one side with the pencil

created at: 12/24/2010

3. With an awl or long needle, poke holes through the dots, both sides of the bag at once

4. Go back with the Phillips screwdriver and make the holes larger

5. Open up the bags, add pennies for weight if it's windy, turn the votives on, and line those little bright darlings up along your sidewalk and/or driveway

The kids can do this while you're primping or icing the cookies. Also, these will work as well for your New Years Eve party.

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