Champagne Baths a la Dita Von Teese

Valentine’s Day requires a cherry on top of recent reviews of outrageous romantic furnishings. But what could top a red heart-shaped bed and whirlpool? Why, a seven foot tall champagne bathtub, of course.

Champagne Baths a la Dita Von Teese

Hours were spent cruising the internet, trying to find manufacturers of said stemmed vessels, but luck was not on this blogger’s side. An email was composed and shot off to the mecca of such kitsch: Caesar’s Pocono Resorts. The very accommodating Director of Customer Contact, Ms. Mary Ann Olver replied as such:

'The reason why you have not found any information on how the champagne glass is manufactured is because they are protected by a United States patent. In addition, we protect the secret of how they are constructed like Coca Cola protects the secret of the "original formula". We can tell you that their construction is very intricate and very costly.'

Notice, Ms. Olver didn't even include the name of the manufacturer. Might this be so the iconic symbol of the Poconos doesn't fall into the wrong hands? It would explain why Dita Von Teese's champagne glass tub looks a little off.

So folks, if you want one of these lofty, see-through tubs of love you just might have to DIY it. Good luck, and please post the procedure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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bruno on Feb 14, 2007:

Wow, that thing is amazing! One question, how do you get in and out?

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