Awesome Upcycling Ideas for Your Post-Holiday Garbage


Credit: Gregor Schuster [http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/88511457/Photographers-Choice-RF]

As you spend the next two days perfecting your wrapping skills consider the end use of the paper, tissue, ribbons, etc. Do your part in keeping the Earth clean as well by upcycling! Check out following upcycling ideas from The E Advisor Blog and turn your trash into treasure!  

  1. Origami: You can make an origami wrapping paper ornament, or search for other creative origami projects.
  2. Confetti: Package future gifts and gift baskets, such as Easter baskets, with colorful confetti. You just need scissors or a paper shredder.
  3. Thank You Card: After you're finished unwrapping your presents, use the wrapping paper to construct handmade thank you cards.
  4. Textbook Cover: Large pieces of seemingly unused wrapping paper can serve as appealing textbook covers.
  5. Reuse It: Carefully unwrap your presents on Christmas morning and use the paper to pre-wrap smaller boxes for future Christmases. A simple and obvious way to reduce your garbage output.

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