Expert Help need: Decorating living room

Hi you all! I need help to decorate my living room! Can somebody help? In this living room there should be 2 areas, one for eating and one for seeing tv, read... There is a fireplace in the midle, and a large door-window in one wall.


Expert Help need: Decorating living room

Ah, i went to a store few weeks ago and they gave me this design, but i didn't like it. What do you think???


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wiggleswirl on Jun 10, 2008:

hi, if you would like my help pls send me an e-mai, thanks

jasimar on Feb 26, 2007:

The lines look hard.  You could angle the two chairs or the sofa to face the room more and open up the two sections.  And sometimes rooms appear cozy rather than small?  Just some ideas.

DIY Maven on Feb 16, 2007:

What didn't you like about the design from the store? I kind of like it. Have you considered putting in a backless sofa where the chairs are positioned in the pic? That way those in the eating area will not be separated from the conversation/tv area and vice versa. Also, with a backless sofa or maybe upholstered bench, you'll be able to see the fireplace from the dining table. Just some thoughts! 

AinshaNit on Feb 14, 2007:

North is not the best direction…! pity!

The position of your photo seems pretty.

Although I would put the zone to see the TV next to the window.


baby_face on Feb 14, 2007:

Thank you chauvell! I don't want to divide the room, because it would look smaller, right? Answers: the direction of the window is north and i don't want to spend much money :-) Thx Thx Thx

AinshaNit on Feb 14, 2007:

Hi! I would choose not to do a division hard of the room, maintaining the integral space. To make one divisón more flexible. You are going to dedicate the space to eat and to see the TV: 2 compatible activities. Example Ikea Furniture & photo in my page.
3 questions: direction of the window (North, South, etc.) and whichever money you wanted to spend. Kitchen room. I hope serves to you as something.

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