Curbly Roundup: Gift Wrap & Tags

Curbly Roundup: Gift Wrap & Tags

When prepping for this roundup, Iimagined I'd find hundreds if not thousands of gift wrap and gift tag ideas. I was right. Picking just a sample of all that I found proved to be overwhelming. But, I turned on my internal editor and got to work. My criteria for including the ones I have? Something about the images had to make me pause as I clicked through. A clever use of materials, something I hadn't seen before or just the sheer loveliness of object.

First, the wrapping:    

Country Living's newsprint package is not only clever but gorgeous:

Martha's winter scene is simple yet elegant:

My Home Idea's Christmas Vacation package, using a vintage suitcase is crazy cool:

Train Case for Gift Wrap

This Paper Snow Star package from Christmas Magazine, appeals to the origami fan in me:

gift wrapping

The button bow on this package from parents.com sealed the deal:

Button Bouquet.

Also from parents.com is this packaged wrapped in Chinese restaurant take-out menus and topped with a felt fortune cookie:

Good Fortune

And from the Curbly vaults, we have these ideas....

My folded felt gift box for tiny treasures,

created at: 11/04/2010

and my covered Take-Away container,

created at: 12/15/2010

Chris's Cereal Gift Boxes,

and from our sister-site (or should that be 'brother-site'?), ManMade's Typographical Gift Wrap,

created at: 12/07/2010

Now for the gift tags:

Oh so very Curbly are Martha's paint swatch tags:

Martha's Typewritten tags make so much sense, they had to be included in the list:

Domestifluff's downloadable Wintry Holiday tags are charming:

Printable Wintry Holiday Tags

These tags, from Ink & Post, were made out of pre-printed paper shopping bags from Trader Joe's:

Tracy Porter's printable gift tags pack a colorful punch:


Miniature Rhino's gift tag tutorial will get your sew on: 

Okay, those are the ones that jumped out at me, now I invite you to go forth and check out all the ones that didn't make the roundup. (This list will keep you busy through NEXT Christmas.)

First the wrapping:

More of Martha's wrapping ideas.

Country living's slideshow.

TipNut's bags boxes and wrapping.

Now the tags:

Festive Freebees from Paper Crave.

AT's 2010 gift tag roundup.

TipNut's tags and labels.

One Pretty Thing's overwhelming collection of gift tags.

Scrapbook Etc's holiday gift tags tutorials & layouts.

If you've come across any noteworthy wrap & tags roundups not listed here, please include them in the comments below! I'd love to see them.

Primary pic is from HGTV who suggests we accent our decor with our wrapping.

Looking for more seasonal DIY projects and ideas?

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DIY Maven on Dec 16, 2010:

Thanks for the link, Sara!!

Sara @ House Bella on Dec 16, 2010:

West Elm has some really cute free downloadable gift tags. And corresponding party tags, too! 

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