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Curbly 2010 Kitchen Gadgets Gift Guide

Curbly's motto is "Love Where You Live", so, naturally, that includes the most important room in the house, the kitchen, and what you do in it, which is COOK! No, we're not a cooking or food site, but we do our fair share of coverage on that topic (see our Food Fridays section to explore), and I like to think we can offer a different perspective than some of the more hardcore foodie sites. 

So, here's my 2010 Holiday Gift Guide For the Occasionally-Inspired, Better-Than-Average, But By-No-Means Professional Home Chef. These are tools and supplies I actually would want to receive, not absurdly expensive pro-tools that only a real chef or a deluded wannabe would ask for. Just simple, effective stuff someone for someone who likes to prepare good food for his/her family and friends. 

Click here to enter the Kitchen Gift Guide Gallery and view all my selections,
with bigger photos, details and prices.

Got some ideas for kitchen gifts that I missed? Add 'em in the comments, please! There's a whole world of cooking gear and specialty ingredients out there, and I'm curious to hear what our readers have in mind for this holiday season.

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