Make: A House Diorama

Make: A House Diorama

Chris takes us from front walkway to roof in the process of making a diorama of our own houses. A great way to commemorate your first home, your family home or just the home you love. The supplies are pretty simple; the outcome is not.    

Stuff we'll need:

  • a shadow box frame, Chris's is 8" x 10"
  • card stock, in colors and textures of your home and yard
  • craft foam
  • adhesives, primarily glue dots and tacky glue
  • cutting tools like an exacto knife, scissors and rotary cutting board or guillotine cutter, if you have them, and a hole punch
  • measuring tools/straight edge
  • pencils
  • scratch paper

For the entire in-depth tutorial, head on over to Pick Up Some Creativity. So, how did Chris do? This was the real inspiration house for the diorama:


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