5 Tips To Make Your Space Much More Interesting

5 Tips To Make Your Space Much More Interesting

Choosing interesting furnishings is like choosing interesting clothing and accessories, only bigger. The right mix and match of (personally) significant  pieces is the new design aesthetic. L.A. designer Alison Blumenfeld recently shared her tips while blogging over at Cocozy.

Since it's your space, it needs to be about your life, your personality, and your experiences. How do you translate that into home furnishings? Alison spells it out right here. While you may feel nervous about breaking out of the box, it's really quite freeing.

"Tips for "Un-Decorating":
1. I often tell clients buy what you love, it's the culmination of these items NOT any one item itself that will make your space your own.
2. Color is a great way to unite disparate items.
3. High and low, the same concept as wearing vintage, H&M, and designer together works well in a home. Mix inexpensive items with expensive ones.
4. Don't buy too much from any one showroom, store, or period.
5. Take your time. As a designer I love the idea of creating a turn key space, but so often when you do everything at once it winds up being very one dimensional. The best way to create eclectic interiors is to collect over time.

Read Alison's entire guest blog post right here.






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