Give a Recycled Sweater Pet Bed and Donate to Animal Shelters

Give a Recycled Sweater Pet Bed and Donate to Animal Shelters

Ordinarily, I'd try to figure out how to make these cozy little sweater pet beds, but when designer, Susan Lowe Heap, owner of WoolyBuddyBeds.com only charges $25.00-$30.00 for her handmade wool felted cat or dog beds, and donates 5% of all proceeds to various animal shelters, I must step back and respect her tremendous creativity and generosity. Susan

scours thrift stores for wool sweaters to wash and felt, donating yet again.  She softens up the sweaters and then somehow pads and molds these into snuggly beds animals can't seem to resist. What started out as a desire to help orphaned animals be more comfortable during their stay at a shelter has evolved into a local and online business for Susan. This toasty nest would be the perfect Christmas gift for the new animal owner, or how about a side gift to go along with a rescued pet?

Go to www.WoolyBuddyBeds to see Susan's current selection of dog and cat beds.

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Anonymous on Feb 27, 2013:

The link to Wolly buddy beds doesn't work, this is the correct one.

j. sanders on Feb 13, 2013:

Someone is selling these instructions as a download:  http://www.listia.com/auction/8268601-a-gift-for-mans-best-friend-sweater-dog     It's hard to contact the Listia moderators, but you can try this:     (347) 254-7842     complaint form   http://help.listia.com/attachments/token/dnwmhgif0tchkbv/?name=NoCI.pdf


Alice on Jul 02, 2012:

I used a pool noodle to make the round part, thread string throught the noodle, then through the arms tied together at the wrist holes....works great and holds the shape great!

rosalita on Dec 08, 2010:

Thanks to all who have ordered. If you would like to e-mail a picture of your fur ball in its Wooly Buddy Bed I will add it to my website.

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

That's my favorite too. If I get some time when not sewing for others I'd like to make one for each of our four kitties. I know we have some sweaters we no longer wear that I could use.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Dec 03, 2010:

I couldn't decide which one to use as the main photo. I had to go with the scene.

DesigningMom on Dec 03, 2010:

What an awesome idea. And so cute too!

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