The Gingerbread Architect

The Gingerbread Architect

This year, take your gingerbread construction to a new level with The Gingerbread Architect. Choose from 12 classic American home designs, including a Cape, brownstone and even a southwest style*. 

Co-written by an architect who loves to bake and a 'house-obsessed pastry chef', the book includes detailed instructions that will take us from blue prints, to manufacture (baking), to construction ('gluing' it together), to exterior detailing (sticking on the candy bits). Each home has a difficulty rating, so you can pick your project based upon who's little hands may be helping you.

The Gingerbread Architect seems like a must-have for any self-respecting Curblier who loves to bake! You can find it on Amazon for about 15 bucks.

*Or a little cabin in the Adirondack's:

created at: 11/24/2010

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