America's Oldest Net Zero Solar House

America's Oldest Net Zero Solar House

(Image credit: Matt Grocoff)

Matt and Kelly accomplished their mission: To make their historic Ann Arbor home net zero. What does that mean? Well, besides it meaning they own the oldest net zero residence in the U.S., it ALSO means they'll never have another utility bill ever again.

created at: 11/22/2010

(The Gauss House circa 1913. Image credit: Matt Grocoff.)

Located in the Ann Arbor Historic District, the 110 year old 'All-American folk-Victorian' has been restored to its original splendor with net-zero in mind, which, I can imagine, was a tricky bit of business as Matt and Kelly adhered to the 'strict standards of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.' 

created at: 11/22/2010

(Image credit: Cybelle Codish)

A combination of reducing their energy load by 70% and a solar panel roof, which was approved by the Ann Arbor Historic District, will actually provide enough leftover 'juice' to power their electric car for 10,000 miles every year. The couple actually anticipates receiving checks FROM their utility company. 

But enough from me; now let's turn it over to Matt, who gives us a tour of his Net Zero Old House. 

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