Upholstered Junk

Upholstered Junk

How's this grab you? Never in all of staple setting days have I thought of converting a galvanized steel tub into a button tufted ottoman. Kudos to Katie of ReCreate for her Way Out implementation of sheer cleverness. That's not all....


How about illustrating your newly obtained upholstery skills by turning a flea market suitcase into a charming little chair or settee?  It looks fairly straightforward. I can envision a tricked out version of this in a child's room.

Hello Blue. (I think this is my sister's college suitcase.) But upholstered goods aren't the only designs in Katie's stash. She's pretty much a master at making furnishings out of anything she finds. And from the looks of things, she's got quite a fan club buying up her handmade goods.  See more of her creative repurposing right here

Espresso cup candelabra.



I can't decide if it looks interesting enough make, or if it just looks like a very short upholstered pad in a suitcase. By the looks of how many of these she's already sold,        , mastermind behind ReCreate has come up with a winner. Take a look at her tub ottomans.

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