Before and After: A Well-Travelled Dresser

Before and After: A Well-Travelled Dresser

Kristin took a plain dresser and some old National Geographic maps and got all Mod Podge crazy with 'em. Delightful outcome, no?    

Read more about the project at Domestic Ease.

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Mary (Canada) on May 28, 2014:

I absolutly love this idea and had bought a 4 drawer older dresser last year to refinish for my daughter..and I have found the PERFECT idea..I can use maps of the 6 countries in Europe that she has been to so far  THANKS

DIY Maven on Nov 17, 2010:

I guess she didn't have those on hand! ;)

Kitten on Nov 17, 2010:

Awww.  Here I was hoping you'd done something stylish and antique, like the old suitcases and trunks with travel posters and whatnot. 

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